Hondo〜Matsushima〜Misumi Amakusa Takarajima Line. It connects JR Misumi line in Misumi port & Misumi station.

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A列車で行こう Take the 'A' Train

特急「A列車で行こう」1 特急「A列車で行こう」2 特急「A列車で行こう」3 特急「A列車で行こう」4
特急「A列車で行こう」5 特急「A列車で行こう」6 特急「A列車で行こう」7 特急「A列車で行こう」8
 This Train has Bar counter.The image of this train is a refined adult.
 ●Name       特急「A列車で行こう」 Take the 'A' Train
 ●Operation Day  Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, spring break, such as summer vacation.
              Please refer to the operating day calendar.
 ●Section      JR Misumi line Kumamoto〜Misumi (3 round trip a day)
 ●Stop        Kumamoto , Uto , Misumi
 ●Capacity     84persons ※It is all reserved seats.

天草宝島ライン Amakusa Takarajima Line

天草宝島ラインの風景1 天草宝島ラインの風景2 天草宝島ラインの風景3 天草宝島ラインの風景4
天草宝島ラインの風景5 天草宝島ラインの風景6 天草宝島ラインの風景7 天草宝島ラインの風景8
 ●The route name  天草宝島ライン  Amakusa Takarajima Line
 ●Number        3 round trip a day
 ●Operation day    Full Year  But,Weekday of January and February are suspended service.
 ●Section        Hondo 〜 Matsushima(Maeshima) 〜 Misumi
 ●Time required    57min. (Hondo →35min.→ Matsushima(Anchorage 5min.) →17min.→ Misumi)
 ●Capacity         VistaBonita 88people、Marisol75people、Serena 59people ※all an unreserved seat