Amakusa "Gokyo" is connecting the mainland Kyushu and Amakusa drive leading spot in Kyushu.Landscape spread along the superb view!

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Amakusa Gokyo
Those five bridges called "Amakusa Gokyo". It connects the mainland Kyushu and Amakusa. The construction was started in 1962 and completed in 1966. The culture of pearls has been developed in Amakusa Gokyo around for a long time. That’s why it called "Pearl Line". Moreover, the archipelagos between 3rd Bridge and 4th Bridge have attractive landscape.
天門橋 Tenmonkyo (1st bridge)
 ●Name 天門橋 Tenmonkyo (1st bridge)   ●Length 502m
 Bridge connecting the mainland Kyushu and Amakusa. The height is 42 meters above sea horizon. Therefore, it is the highest of the five bridges.
大矢野橋 Ooyano-hashi (2nd bridge)
 ●Name 大矢野橋 Ooyano-hashi (2nd bridge)   ●Length 249.1m
 It is a cream-colored bridge that connects Oyanoshima and Nagaurajima.
中の橋 Nakano-hashi (3rd Bridge)
 ●Name 中の橋 Nakano-hashi (3rd Bridge)  ●Length 361m
 It is a concrete-colored bridge that connects Nagaurajima and Oikejima.
Maeshima-hashi (4th Bridge)
 ●Name Maeshima-hashi (4th Bridge)  ●Length 510.2m
 Maeshima-hashi connects Oikejima and Maeshima. It is the longest of the five bridges.
松島橋 Matsushima-hashi (5th Bridge)
 ●Name 松島橋 Matsushima-hashi (5th Bridge)  ●Length 177.7m
 Matsushima-hashi connects Maeshima and Amakusa kamishima. This bright red bridge is very favorite.